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Geotechnical/Environmental Engineering • Materials Testing

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NWCC engineer on the job site reviewing rebar structural floor supports
NWCC job site with structural flooring and wall supports being constructed
NWCC crew members on the job site as they review and build structural supports for a building
NWCC truck parked in front of the North West Colorado Consultants office in Steamboat Springs, CO

Environmental & Hydrogeologic Characterization


NWCC truck parked in a field overlooking a city in the distance. NWCC can evaluate potential building sites for clientsIn order to obtain certain environmental permits, hydrogeologic characterization investigations must be conducted in order to determine the suitability of the site for the proposed use.  The investigation focus includes geologic hazards, human activities (e.g. airports, municipal water supplies), hydrogeologic properties (i.e., groundwater), surface water bodies (e.g. creeks, ponds, run-on, and run-off), soil and bedrock conditions, and sensitive receptors.  Investigative techniques used include review of published data, intrusive subsurface activities (e.g. borehole advancement, test pit excavation, monitoring well installation), soil sampling and analysis (e.g. permeability, double ring infiltrometer), and groundwater sample collection and water quality analysis, and hydrologic tests (hydraulic conductivity).





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