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Geotechnical/Environmental Engineering • Materials Testing

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NWCC engineer on the job site reviewing rebar structural floor supports
NWCC job site with structural flooring and wall supports being constructed
NWCC crew members on the job site as they review and build structural supports for a building
NWCC truck parked in front of the North West Colorado Consultants office in Steamboat Springs, CO

Geotechnical Investigations & Engineering Designs


NWCC engineers evaluate the subsurface conditions at project site using excavators

NWCC staff has expertise and extensive experience with geotechnical investigations, materials testing and engineering design relative to soil and rock mechanics for a wide variety of general civil and structural projects.  Detailed field exploration programs conducted by NWCC evaluate the subsurface conditions at project sites and can range from surface geological mapping and geophysical surveys to test pits excavated with a backhoe to deep foundation borings.  NWCC has completed projects for soil and rock mechanics characterization pertaining to a wide range of projects that include architecture, residential, commercial and industrial building foundations, residential and commercial subdivisions, power transmission, solid waste landfills, mining facilities, roadways, bridges and small to medium sized dams.  Landfill engineering experience includes liner and cover design, water balance modeling, leachate collection system design, closure grading and reclamation plans, slope stability analyses, construction specifications and engineering cost estimates.  Civil and structural engineering design and inspections for sediment ponds, waste impoundments, dams, building foundations, bridges and roadways are included in the NWCC project portfolio.  NWCC uses state of the art computer software (including AutoCAD Civil 3D and GeoStudio Slope/W and hardware capabilities to perform most geotechnical analyses as warranted. 

NWCC has an accredited, fully equipped in-house materials testing laboratory with testing capabilities that include soils, asphalt, aggregate, masonry and concrete.  Additional information regarding the laboratory is provided in the construction section below. 

NWCC offers on-site wastewater services for residential and commercial properties.  NWCC evaluates individual sites for suitability of constructing an On-site Wastewater System (OWS) and also conducts subsurface investigations and percolation testing to determine design parameters for the OWS.  We provide design services of On-site Wastewater Systems for submittal to the permitting agency based on usage parameters, subsurface conditions and applicable regulations.  We can also evaluate existing systems to determine if the systems are functioning properly.  This could also include recommendations for modifying and/or reconstruction of the system. 

Geotechnical and environmental studies and engineering designs are coordinated with the needs of our clients, owners and agencies to produce comprehensive engineering reports in a professional, efficient manner.  NWCC uses AutoCAD design software for all drafting ranging from site plans, engineering designs, drill hole logs to laboratory test results. 

NWCC is committed to the development of economical, construction conscious solutions to engineering and construction problems.  This approach typically keeps the cost of construction low while yielding a quality, finished product.  The resources of the entire firm are available to meet the needs of our clients.

Services Include:
• Geotechnical Investigations and Engineering Designs
• Landfill and Drill Field Waste Disposal Impoundment Facility Design
• Onsite Wastewater System Design
• Engineering Design of Earthen Dams
• Soil and Rock Mechanics Characterization (e.g. Stability Analysis)
• Construction Quality Assurance and Quality Control (CQA/CQC)
• Radon Mitigation Design





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