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Geotechnical/Environmental Engineering • Materials Testing

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NWCC engineer on the job site reviewing rebar structural floor supports
NWCC job site with structural flooring and wall supports being constructed
NWCC crew members on the job site as they review and build structural supports for a building
NWCC truck parked in front of the North West Colorado Consultants office in Steamboat Springs, CO

Solid & Hazardous Waste Management Services


Solid and Hazardous Waste- NWCC, Inc. (NWCC) is a multi-disciplinary civil engineering, environmental engineering, and environmental consulting firm that specializes in providing a complete range of solid waste landfill services including landfill design and expansion, construction verification, regulatory compliance, environmental monitoring, and contaminant impact assessments. Typical NWCC clientele include small and large commercial; municipal, state, and county government; heavy industrial, and large property management firms. A partial list of representative waste disposal facility projects and services provided by NWCC are summarized below, focusing upon landfill activities in order to help demonstrate technical ability. Additional information is available upon request.




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